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January 2010

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 Note from the Chair

Jeff Greetings to all Potomac Valley Masters Swimmers!

I would like to start by thanking our outgoing Chair, Debbie Morrin-Nordlund, who has had several terms as Chair of the Potomac Valley LMSC over the last decade. Deb has served a variety of roles within our LMSC as well as Nationally, and while she will continue to serve us locally as Sanctions Chair, she will be turning more of her attention to her roles Nationally as the Chair of the Elections Committee as well as the Colonies Zone At-Large Representative to the Board of Directors.

To give a brief background of who I am, I have been swimming with Terrapin Masters since arriving at the University of Maryland as an undergraduate in 1998. At that point, my swimming experience was limited to summer league and 2 years of high school swimming. I decided to see what I could do in a more year-round capacity and haven't turned back! Today, you'll find me participating in pool meets (in both sprint and distance events), open water swims and even the occasional triathlon. If it will count as a water sport, I also play Ice Hockey.

Over the last several years, we have seen our local membership numbers increase dramatically. Where 5 years ago we were flirting with 2,000 members, today we are hovering near 2,600, which makes us the 4th largest LMSC in the country! Like Potomac Valley, USMS is growing leaps and bounds as well, having passed the 50,000 member mark for the first time ever in 2009.

As your new Chairman, I would like to encourage all Potomac Valley Masters swimmers to maximize the benefits of your USMS membership. If you haven't visited the USMS website (www.usms.org) recently, they are constantly upgrading the content with many great features, more of which are being added every day. Two of my favorites are the discussion forums (forums.usms.org), where you can read about and share your thoughts on all things swimming; and the online Fitness Logs, or FLOGS (available for USMS members only via www.usms.org/myusms), where you can track your daily exercise.

I would also like to encourage all Potomac Valley Masters Swimmers to become more involved in our local masters swim community this year. Whether as a participant or volunteer, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved at the club and LMSC level. There are several USMS-Sponsored Postal Swims offered annually, starting with the 1-Hour Swim in January. This particular event originated in Potomac Valley with DC Masters, and despite being USMS's most heavily-subscribed event, our area is heavily under-represented. This is a good year to change that!

Another opportunity to get involved is through meets. While I realize that not all Masters swimmers choose to compete, meets have become much more than just competitions. These events are a great way to build team camaraderie, meet new friends, visit new places and get more teammates involved in the success of your club. For new or small teams, hosting an event is a great way to showcase your facility, show off your team, generate new members and make some money.

I would like to formally invite all teams in Potomac Valley to host an event at some point in the future. The area is home to many great facilities, and the Potomac Valley LMSC would like to reiterate our pledge to support host teams in any way we can. For those who were able to attend the Last Chance SCM Meet held on December 13, this was run as PV logoa joint effort between the PV LMSC and DCRP, and indicative of the support that the LMSC is ready to provide. This is a good place to publicly recognize and thank Bryan Evangelista and Juliette deSousa from DCRP for their efforts in making this meet a success.

Lastly, we'll be making a few changes to The Swimmer's Ear to coincide with the beginning of each pool season (Jan for SCY; May/June for LCM and OW; Sept for SCM). If you'd like to write an article, please contact the newsletter editor for details. Also, please let us know how to make your USMS experience better at our LMSC meeting in March at the Albatross meet!

See you at the pool! -Jeff

 Articles and Interviews

USMS Statement on Swimsuits - 10/13/09

The FINA Masters Committee has recommended that the FINA Bureau, meeting in mid-January, approve its recommendation that Masters swimmers be governed by the same swimsuit rules as the elite pool swimmers. If the Bureau approves the committee's recommendation, it is anticipated it would go into effect after the Bureau meeting. If this recommendation becomes policy with the FINA Bureau, USMS will implement it for our sanctioned swim meets.

For the time being and until the FINA Bureau issues its policy for Masters, the June 1, 2009 ruling that allowed technical suits in USMS swim meets is still in effect. If you choose to compete in a USA Swimming sanctioned meet, you must follow USA Swimming rules.

If you would like more information on purchasing technical suits, you may contact your swimsuit dealer or any of the following:

blueseventy; www.blueseventy.com
FINIS; www.finisinc.com
Speedo; www.speedo.com
TYR; www.tyr.com

For more information regarding U.S. Masters Swimming or U.S. Masters Swimming rules and regulations visit usms.org or contact the U.S. Masters Swimming Rules Committee Chair at rules@usms.org .

Portrait of a Master: Beth Eldridge
Written by Meghan Lynn, Assistant editor of "FINA aquatics World"

This article was submitted by Ray Novitske about an inspiring woman who swims with Alexandria Masters. I have excerpted from the article which can be found at: www.fina.org

National Masters swimming champion Beth Eldridge (USA) has a moving story to tell about how love and devotion to a sport can literally save your life. She recovered from extreme treatments for successive brain tumours without ceasing to practice, compete and coach swimming; a lifestyle choice she believes allowed her to overcome her illness.

Getting hooked on Masters
In 1992, immediately after Eldridge (USA) completed her college swimming career, she started coaching age-group kids in South Dakota. But it wasn't long before she missed competing herself and started swimming in the open lanes at the age group meets. Eventually, when she heard about Masters swimming she started a team in Idaho in 1997. Two years later she competed at the national championships (50m) in Minneapolis in 1999 while completing a Graduate degree in Exercise Science. Her successes at that meet (gold in 200m freestyle, silver in 50m butterfly and bronze for 100m freestyle), as well as the camaraderie offered by the environment, hooked her on Masters. Since then she has competed in one long-course championship (2004), three short-course national championships (2006-2008) and one FINA World Masters Championship (2006).

Swimming for her life
It was in 2006 at the short-course nationals in Coral Springs, Florida that things took a turn for the worse. Eldridge had become champion in both the 50m freestyle and butterfly, but on the third day, just before swimming the 100m butterfly, she got stung by a bee. She swam the race anyway, but just after finishing she collapsed on deck and lost all muscle control. Her vision blurred and she had dizziness, vertigo and nausea; symptoms that would unfortunately become quite familiar in the years to come. Her problems persisted after the meet, turning to seizures. Nevertheless, she continued training for the upcoming FINA World Masters Championships in Stanford, meanwhile receiving several false diagnoses'. Eventually she discovered she had an inoperable brain tumour requiring radiation treatment twice a day, five days a week for three months.

Her radiation concluded and was followed by a successful brain surgery in March 2007. Her goal at the time was to swim at nationals in Seattle in May, which she did. With great support she competed in the 100m freestyle, placing third. But after the race she had a seizure and was told she couldn't compete the next day. After petitioning to swim anyway, she swam the 50m freestyle, taking silver, and the 50m butterfly, taking bronze, as medical personnel stood by to monitor her vitals.

In October a new, rapidly-growing mass was found in her head and she was once again prescribed immediate radiation as well as chemotherapy and radio-sensitizer drugs. Despite radical lifestyle changes that helped with the duration and frequency of her seizures, the tumour grew to the size of a baseball and began to disperse.

Once again the high school team she coached gave her an amazing lift. They won their Conference Championship for the second year in a row, and they held a secret fundraiser, selling bracelets that said "Coach Beth Live Strong". They also presented Eldridge with a cheque to help her pay for a trip to John Hopkins University in Maryland for treatment. Seeing hundreds of people she didn't know around her town wearing "Coach Beth" bracelets was encouraging, she says, and the gesture of her team was "by far the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me".

In May 2008 at Nationals in Austin, Texas, Eldridge depended on teammates to guide her after races due to the severity of her symptoms, but it was her first meet in two years where she didn't have a major seizure. She also became National champion in the 50m freestyle and took bronze in the 50m butterfly. But by June 2008 she had been told that at the rate the brain cancer was spreading, she likely had only 2-6 months to live. She had already moved to Washington D.C. for treatment at John Hopkins when she received a call from her doctor in Kansas City, Missouri. Her last scan had come back "clear". There were no longer any invasive cancer cells visible.

Back to normality Currently Eldridge swims three days a week with the Alexandria Masters Team in Virginia, two days a week with her friend, and fills out the rest of her days with weightlifting, plyometrics and pilates. "I have just passed six months without a seizure and have started driving again - mostly to swim practice," she said recently, adding she has recommenced competing since the nationals in May. One of her goals for the moment is to get close to the national 50m butterfly record held by Susan Vonderlippe, whom she calls "an amazing swimmer".

When asked if she can see herself swimming her whole life she says, "God-willing, I hope to be the 80-year old swimming the 200m butterfly and smiling the entire way." She confides that her best memory at the FINA World Masters Championships in 2006 was not taking fourth in the 50m freestyle in the same race where Dara Torres qualified for the Olympic Trials. It was not even when she placed second in the 50m butterfly. It was watching an 80-year old Japanese lady swim a great long-course 200m butterfly (something she is "too chicken to do at 38!"). She concludes: "Being allowed to coach, compete and succeed through illness not only made my trial more bearable, but I truly believe God used swimmers and swimming to save my life."

Athletic Fat Loss - from "Faster Swimming"
Source: "Faster Swimming"

Athletic Fat Loss 101 - 3 "Must Haves" for Success

There are hundreds - no, probably thousands - of diet and exercise programs, gadgets, fads, potions and pills being advertised to us on a daily basis. With all of the hype, it's no wonder so many people get bogged down by all of the info and do nothing, or do just the opposite and try every new diet or program as soon as it comes out and never get any real results through a consistent effort. To lose fat there are 3 "Must Have" aspects to every successful approach:

1. You must have a plan and follow that plan. Hopefully following that plan to completion - or at least until you've gotten the result you're after. This goes for both diet and exercise. And I've heard it all before... "It gets boring," "I don't like eating the same things over and over," etc, etc. No plan has to be exactly the same from day-to-day for it to work, but the basic things like volume (amount of exercise OR food/calories), consistency, and the convenience of knowing what you are doing will all play a huge part in your success. Switching aimlessly from plan-to-plan-to-plan will only frustrate and slow your fat loss efforts. You know what they say - "Fail to plan; plan to fail." This holds true for fat loss, too!

2. You must have a metric - a way to measure fat loss from week-to-week. The simpler, the better for measurements. No need to do crazy bodyfat measurements (bod-pod, hydrostatic weighing, etc) - just the basics of "where I was last week to where I am now." And no need to measure every day, twice a day, etc, either - just measure once a week and adjust your diet and training as necessary. There is very little instant gratification in losing fat, but there can be weekly gratification (if you follow these guidelines!). So - what to measure... and these ARE in order of importance/relevance for 99% of you:
A. Take a picture every week. Same lighting, same time, same place, with same or similar clothes on. Front and side pics are best, and keep the pics somewhere that you can look back at them from week-to-week.
B. Step on the scale. Again - same scale, same time, same place, with same or similar clothes on. Pretty easy to do right after your pics - write down your weight under your pics with the date. With these 2 things in place you will have a solid reference point.
C. IF you want to go the extra step, but keep in mind that MOST of you will not need this step, have your body fat % taken and/or do circumference measurements. Most do not need to include this as A and B cover how you look (which most people care about the greatest) and that you are actually losing weight. Keep your metrics as simple as possible.

3. You must have social support. It's far too easy to throw in the towel and give in to yummy treats while you sit on the couch and skip your exercise if you have no one holding you accountable. Tell your family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you can think of that you are on a mission to lose some weight! Most will gladly support your effort, and if they are resistant, try to include them in your planning. If you are serious about losing fat, having all of these people know about your plan will help you stick to it when you are tested - and who wants to disappoint all of those people?!? The easiest first step to all of this is to find a good plan for both diet and exercise, and that we have for you with The Answer. The Weekly Visual included in The Answer, along with the diet and training lists and checklists will provide the feedback needed to track your progress and help hold you accountable. The Answer is a proven, athletic-based fat loss plan with easy-to-follow metrics to keep you on track. Keep your friends and family in the loop as to what you are doing - and if they could drop a couple of pounds, too - get them to join you! And as always - contact us at www.FasterSwimming.com with any questions!


Germantown Coach & Swimmers Win 2009 Awards
Germantown Masters head coach Dyann Charette Dancy was one of the recipients of the 2009 Kerry O'Brien Award. The U.S. Masters Swimming Coaches Committee initiated this award with the goal of recognizing coaches who are building USMS membership in communities throughtout the country.

Germantown Masters also presents a local award annually to swimmers who bring dedication and focus to our coached workouts, and whose hard work makes them role models for other swimmers. The 2009 awards go to Eleanor Landon D'Shen, Richard Grodsky and Bobby Sanderson.

Alexandria Masters Swimmer, Leslie DiMichele
Completes Hawaii Ironman

I qualified for Ironman Hawaii in Kona (World Championships) at the Louisville Ironman in August by winning my Age Group (20-24) in a time of 10:59. This was my second Ironman. I turned around and raced in Hawaii only six weeks later (Final Time: 12:42). Racing in Kona was amazing. All the best Ironman athletes in the world are in one place racing together. I definitely felt priveleged to compete. The race was extremely difficult for me. I had not fully recovered from Ironman Louisville and the conditions in Hawaii were extremely challenging. I was not prepared for the extreme winds on the bike and I ended up with nutrition problems on the run. But, I have never felt so happy and accomplished finishing an Ironman! I truly hope that I can get back to Kona in the future and race at my best.
-Leslie DiMichele

Jeff & JulieJeff Roddin Weds Julie Oplinger, 9/27/09
I've attached an amusing picture taken at my wedding. Everybody in the wedding party except for one person is a USMS swimmer, including two of the parents and one of the readers! That makes for 15 people! I also came up with roughly 16 different USMS clubs represented amongst the guests.
- Jeff Roddin

Kudos to Alexandria Masters Website from USMS
I do a regular search of club websites from across the country. It is so refreshing to come across a website (Alexandria Masters) that is so informative and so inviting to new and current members. We saw these qualities immediately in your program's website. We like to highlight websites like yours to serve as an example for other programs.

Please pass on a "CONGRATS!" to the rest of the members of your program... way to go!

Ashley Gangloff
Marketing Coordinator
U.S. Masters Swimming

Swimmer of the Year
Neill Williams, Dale Barnhard, Mark Pugliese
PV Swimmers of the Year - 2009
2008 Short Course Meters (Jan 2008 - Dec 2008):
Male- Neill Williams- DCAC
Female- Dale Barnhard- DCAC

2007-2008 Long Course Meters (Oct 2007 - Sep 2008):
Male- Mark Pugliese- Ancient Mariners
Female- Mary Lathram- DC Masters

2007-2008 Short Course Yards (Jun 2007 - May 2008):
Male- Mark Liscinsky- CUBU
Female- Stacy Peterson- CUBU

Frank Murphy Award
Jennifer Johnston & Ann Svenson
PV Frank Murphy Awards - 2009
2008 PV Frank Murphy Points

Ann Svenson 62 DCM 88 USMS All Star
Andrea Haines 60 DCM 36
Jennifer Johnston 60 CUBU 36
Nell Orshein 28 DCAC 34
Michele Walters 32 DCAC 26
Mary Lathram 92 DCM 22
Jamie Mc Clellan 45 RMST 22
Susan Wilkinson-Megaw 54 GMUP 22
Jane Woo 38 UNAT 20
Rosalyn Schanzer 65 GMUP 18
Julie Oplinger 31 FXCM 16
Karen Yankosky 37 MASH 16
Jen Marquardt 32 CURL 14
Jana Poscharsky 30 CURL 12
Suzanne Doggett 50 UNAT 10
Jennifer O'Reilly 28 RMST 10
Kris Williams 44 RMST 8
Maryann Germaine 43 CURL 6
Cheryl Wagner 55 TERR 4
Kimberly Light 49 UNAT 2
Willis C. Braswell, Jr. 63 DCM 96
John Erb 52 DCM 94
Jeffrey Strahota 27 TERR 32
Andrew Geiszler 39 FXCM 28
Jonathan Horsford 36 DCAC 20
Jeffrey Roddin 39 ANCM 18
StephanosTongelidis 24 CURL 18
Denis Crean 48 CUBU 16
Kenton Pattie 68 CUBU 16
Michael Waltman 38 RMST 16
Justin Burkhardt 27 DCAC 14
Bruce Fisher 59 DCM 14
Michael Mac Donald 43 ANCM 14
Kevin Appleton 52 RMST 12
Craig Johnson 47 GERM 12
Jim Leimkuhler 62 FXCM 10
Arthur Marnane 44 DCAC 10
William Sax 39 GMUP 10
Andrew Rudin 50 UNAT 8
David Siskind 49 ANCM 8
Stuart Booth 50 GMUP 6
Steven Dickens 43 DCAC 6
John Eubanks 47 UNAT 6
Mitchell Raful 46 CURL 6
Benjamin Jones 35 UNAT 4

Award goes to folks who swim USMS-sanctioned races 1650 yds or 1500m or longer including the 5 USMS Postal National Championships (One Hour--ends tomorrow; 5K & 10K; and 3000-yd & 6000-yd) (Info on 2009 events are at www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats09 ). Points are given for age-group/gender place.


Cartoon 1

Cartoon 2

Cartoon 3

 Meet News

Swim in the New Year - 1/2/10
Swim In The New Year

Swim In The New Year
Mollie Grover, Julie & Jeff Roddin, Jeff Strahota

Swim In The New Year
Diana, Cheryl, Allyson, Jeff, Mollie

Swim In The New Year
Dottie Buchhagen and Debbie Kelsey

Swim In The New Year
Diana Corbin, Allyson Adams, Mollie Grover

Swim In The New Year
Jim Nealis, Allyson Adams, Jeff Strahota

Swim In The New Year
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund

Swim In The New Year

Swim In The New Year
Kathryn Kirmayer

Swim In The New Year
Jett Lowe - shows "5" for his 5x2010 yard swim

Ten USMS and World Records Smashed at Albatross Open
by Tom Denes

Nearly 200 swimmers descended on the Montgomery Aquatic Center in North Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday afternoon, March 21 to participate in the Albatross Open. Ten records were set in the short course meters meet by seven different swimmers.

Joann Leilich, 70, representing Woodlands Masters of Texas, led the way by shattering three records. She broke the 50M breaststroke USMS record by three seconds with a 44.32. She also broke the 100M breaststroke USMS record by seven seconds by swimming a 1:37.20. Her most impressive swim was a world record; she broke the 200M breaststroke world record with a 3:25.76. This time also beat the existing USMS records by an astounding 18 seconds.

Chris Stevenson, 45, swimming for Virginia Masters, broke two records. He stroked a time of 58.33 in the 100M backstroke to set a new world record. He also swam a 2:09.05 in the 200M backstroke to break the world record by three seconds.

The Ancient Mariners' Margot Pettijohn, 63, bested the USMS record in the 100M butterfly by sprinting to a 1:29.24. Beth Schreiner, 68, of Virginia Masters broke the 50M freestyle USMS record with a swift 34.07. Wally Dicks, 46, of the Ancient Mariners set a world record in the 50M breaststroke with a time of 30.06. John Craig, 55, of New England Masters, flew to a new world record in the 200M butterfly with a time of 2:19.72. Finally Jim Dragon, 65, of the Garden State Masters, breathed fire and set a new world record in the 50M fly with a time of 29.52.

Jennifer O'Reilly, 30, of Reston Masters, was honored as the Fastest Woman in the Water for the second year in a row. Jeff Roddin, 40, of the Ancient Mariners reclaimed the title of Fastest Man in the Water--which he last won in 1999--with a time of 25.20.

In the team standings, Health Unlimited Hurricanes bested all the women's teams, while Germantown Masters led the men's teams. The winner of the combined team scores was Germantown Masters followed by the Ancient Mariners and Reston Masters.

Albatross Open
CJ & family

Albatross Open
Jet Lowe, Paul Fetters

Albatross Open
Leslie, Allyson, Katherine, Julie

Albatross Open
Al, Chris

Albatross Open
Mike Goodison, Mike Doane, Emad Elshafei

Albatross Open
Chris, Jim & Patty Miller

Albatross Open
Dottie Buchhagen, Cathy Gainor

Last Chance Meet - 12/13/09
We want to thank all of you for supporting our meet. At 99 participants, we had a great turnout, especially considering the short notice!

To thank them for supplying our timers and an official, we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Gonzaga College High School's Swim/Dive and Water Polo programs. As you saw, the electronic timing system doesn't always work the way we want it to, and having them there was vital to having us provide a successful meet.

Results are available online:
Thanks! -- Bryan and Jeff

Last Chance Meet
DCRP swimmers, Mollie (front) & Julie (right)

Last Chance Meet
Alfred University Alumni swimmers

Last Chance Meet
Carrie Tupper

Last Chance Meet
DCRP swimmers

Last Chance Meet
Tim Timmons

Last Chance Meet
Jay Kress

Sprint Classic 10/25/09

Sprint Classic
Maryland Masters

Sprint Classic
Swimmer and Tim Timmons

Sprint Classic
Meet Officials

Sprint Classic
Warrenton and UNAT swimmer

Sprint Classic

Sprint Classic
Patriot Masters

Sprint Classic
Reston Masters

Sprint Classic
Mike, Al, Paul, Aaron

Sprint Classic
Cheryl, Allyson, Jeff

Sprint Classic
Jeff Strahota

Sprint Classic
Cheryl Ward - last "swan song" in her fast suit

DCAC Meet 9/26/09

Michelle Obama (cut-out)


Ann Lyttle, Bill English, Matt Rees

Donald, Sam, Rob, Minh, Tan

Team Detroit

Team NY

Christine & Charlie

Arlington Masters

DCRP Meet 7/19/09




Jeff and parents, and Julie

Steve & Jeff

Tim & Toby


Max and friend


Terrapin Cup - 6/21/09

Terripin Cup

Terrapin Cup

Terrapin Cup Terrapin Cup

Potomac River Swim 5/30/09
Potomac River Swim29 swimmers made the 7.5 mile crossing in the Potomac River Swim for the Environment on Saturday, May 30, 2009. This annual event began in 1993 with Joe Stewart's solo crossing to raise funds for the river and bay. This year 30 swimmers and 47 kayakers plus kayaks began their journey, by being transported by skipjack and other boats, across the river to the swim start at Hull Neck, VA. When the start was announced at 8:48AM, 30 swimmers began the arduous crossing battling strong currents resulting from the torrential rain, the night before. One swimmer was pulled at the halfway point, due to exhaustion.

The first swimmer to finish, was 31 year old Tim Methric of Indianapolis, Indiana in a time of 3 hours and 13 minutes. The first female finisher was 45 year old Kathy Kirmayer of Silver Spring, Maryland in a time of 3 hours and 43 minutes. After 6 hours, the final 6 swimmers had their swims interrupted by lightning and thunder but were finally able to swim ashore in times just exceeding 6 hours.

Proceeds from the swim benefit:
Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Southern Maryland Sierra Club, Potomac River Association, Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, The Potomac Conservancy, West Virginia Rivers Coalition, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Ridge Rescue, St. Mary's River Watershed Association and the Dee of St. Mary's.

For photos and a listing of the full results see the webpage at:

Colonies Zone - 4/25/09

Colonies Zone
Donna & Emad

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone
Rob Butcher & Cheryl

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone
Rob Butcher and Team Hot Tub

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Colonies Zone

Ocean City Swim - 7/18/09
Ocean City Swim

Jim McDonnell SwimJim McDonnell Swim
This past Memorial Day weekend saw another successful Jim McDonnell Lake Swim in Reston, Virginia. Once again new records were set for numbers of entrants in the one- and two-mile races.

The continued success of this event has allowed its sponsor, the Reston Masters Swim Team, to donate a large portion of the proceeds to various charities. Since Jim McDonnell, a founder and longtime member of the team died of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the team has historically made its largest donation to a lymphoma charity. This year $7,000 went to the Lymphoma Research Foundation. Additional $1,000 donations went to Tender Hearts, a charity devoted to children's heart diseases; Naval Warfare Foundation, a charity to support the wives and families of Naval Special Warfare casualties; and Reston Interfaith, a Reston-based non-profit social services organization serving Northern Virginia.

The attached photograph shows (left to right) Larry Paulson, Director of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swim, Kerry Wilson, President of Reston Interfaith, and Gordon Gerson, President of Reston Masters Swim Team.


Registration Notes
by Jeff Roddin

  • This is your last issue of The Swimmer's Ear unless you have renewed your registration for 2010. If your email address was on file you received instructions on how to renew. If you don't have access to the Internet please either speak to your club rep or send a self addressed stamped envelope to the PV Registrar (Jeff Roddin) and ask for a paper renewal form.
  • If your household is receiving more than one copy of The Swimmer's Ear and you would prefer not to receive the extra copies, please email Jeff Roddin (jroddin@pvmasters.org) and let him know which registered PV swimmers wish to be "unsubscribed." Please note the newsletter may also be viewed online at www.pvmasters.org so if you wish to save us mailing costs please also contact Jeff to "unsubscribe" to the printed issue. Likewise you may contact Jeff to unsubscribe from Swimmer magazine.
  • Welcome AARG and WARD! Alexandria Aquatic Recreation Group and Ward's Swim Club are new to PV in 2010. AARG is based out of the Chinquapin Recreation Center and already has over 40 registered swimmers. WARD is based out of Georgetown Prep.
  • Last year Potomac Valley swimmers donated $567.50 to the USMS endowment fund and $320.50 to the International Swimming Hall of Fame for a total of $888 (up from last year's total of $729). Two generous swimmers each contributed $100 to the foundations!
  • Approximate breakdown of our membership by state:
    1. Virginia: 51%
    2. Maryland: 26%
    3. District of Columbia: 20%
    ? 4. Other: 3%
  • We registered 2580 swimmers in 2009 (up 16% from 2008). Sex breakdown: 52% male, 48% female. We are the smallest of the 52 LMSCs in the country from a geographic standpoint, however, we are the third largest in terms of registered swimmers (behind two of the California LMSCs).

Clay Britt Swim Clinics
Schedule of Single Day Clinics (4:30-7:30pm, Lab School, $140)

January 30, 2010
March 6 2010
April 10, 2010
June 19, 2010

The next clinic will be held on January 30. The clinic will include underwater videotaping with critique, our stroke drill DVD and a low swimmer to coach ratio. If you are interested, please visit my website below or email me at clay@claybrittswimming.com .
I hope to see you at a future clinic. Clay Britt
Twitter @Premierswim

PVLMSC Meeting Minutes - Oct 25, 2009
Introductions were made.

The last meeting's minutes were approved.

1) Chairman:
This will be the last meeting that Debbie Morrin-Nordlund will serve as chair. She will do a convention recap (noted in "new business").

2) Registrar:
Incredible growth in PV membership (as of the end of October):
Year - Members
2006 - 1950
2007 - 2103
2008 - 2215
2009 - 2585

  • 84% of our swimmers registered online this year.
  • Strangely enough, there are more USPS returns from online swimmers than paper forms (even though the swimmers type in their own addresses online). The most common problem is swimmers not typing in their Apt numbers. Suggestion was made to software developer to make that request more clear.
  • Swimmers can start to register for 2010 on November 1.
  • Clubs must be registered/renewed for 2010 in order for their members to register online.
  • Clubs can now renew online (new clubs still have to use the old fashioned paper reg form).
  • Clubs can upload a team logo which will appear on each club members' card.
  • Clubs can submit an email address which will receive a notification of all swimmer registrations.
  • Clubs can request one report per month of registered members (ask Jeff for report).
  • PV clubs are required to attend one LMSC meeting per year. If they cannot attend, they will receive an invoice for a penalty, from Tim or Jeff.
  • The PV bylaws state that a team must have four members in order to register with PV/USMS. Previously the club had to wait to have 4 paper swimmer registrations before the club could be registered. Now the club can get registered with only the promise that at least 4 swimmers will register. PV will have to handle this on a case by case basis.

3) Top Ten:
- Long course season is over and times from PV eligible meets have been submitted to USMS for Top Ten consideration.
- DCRP had to remove some of its meet result links since a member objected to their email address being posted online. They will revise and put the results back up.

4) Awards:
The short course yards top swimmers, Jim Tuchler and Margot Pettijohn, have been notified.

5) Treasurer
- There is $46,000 in the bank accounts (total for checking & saving)
- Jeff Roddin has signature authority on the checking account to pay the monthly USMS registration invoice.
- Tim Timmons has signature authority on both accounts.
- USMS sends a check for the online registrations directly to Tim Timmons.
- The convention expenses have been paid.
- We're doing great - really well.
- Raising the dues $5 several years ago was a good idea.
- The total in our account in the last three years was in the twenties.
- We pay no taxes because we're tax exempt.

6) Secretary:
No report

7) Newsletter:
- Tim Timmons suggested that since there are three seasons (long course meters, short course yards, and short course meters) that the newsletter publication dates correspond to the end of these seasons: January, June, and September.
- Jeff Roddin can send out a broadcast email to all PV swimmers if there is a major announcement to be made. It was suggested to not do this more than once per quarter so we don't run the risk of being a potential spammer.

8) Sanctions:
- Debbie Morrin-Nordlund volunteered to be the new Sanctions chair.
- The meet schedules have been updated.
- Mollie Grover will evaluate the Tropical Splash meet
- Julie Roddin will evaluate the Albatross Open.
- Deb Morrin-Nordlund will evaluate the SCY Zone Meet.

9) Long Distance:
- Ann will go through the postal event results in order to determine the long distance award winners.
- Nationally the long distance committee was divided into two parts: Open Water & Long Distance
- Dennis Crean volunteered to promote Open Water in PV.

10) Officials:
Eric Nordlund had nothing to report.

11) Fitness:
No report.

New Business:
- The minimum standards for conducting LMSCs are now posted on the Colonies Zone website.
- A combined report from all people who went to convention was presented.
- Jeff Strahota posted a convention report on the PV website.
- USMS established the officers that each LMSC must have. PV meets that standard.
- Concerning swimsuits, USMS decided to enforce the FINA rules. FINA will make a ruling in January. The meet referees will enforce the swimsuit rule. USMS will send an emergency notification to member emails (that they have on record) as soon as there is a decision.
- USMS suggested that referees have the full USMS rulebook at meets.
- PV will buy rulebooks to give to officials who do a lot of our meets.
- USMS is raising the member registration fees $2 in each of the following years: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. PV decided to absorb the increase for 2010. PV will review the 2011 increase at the March 2010 LMSC meeting. PV decided not to increase the OEVT fee which is $20.
- PV will have a SCM meet in December, working jointly with DCRP. PV would pay the pool rental. $100 would be paid to each meet official. Jeff Strahota will act as meet director.
- Elections were conducted. The PV officers are:
Jeff Strahota - chairman
Tim Timmons - treasurer
Cheryl Wagner - secretary
- The next meeting will occur prior to the Albatross Open meet on March 20, 2010 at the Montgomery Aquatics Center.

Ray Novitske Alexandria Masters
Ellen Hufford Arlington Masters
Denis Crean Curl-Burke
Mary Wallack Curl-Burke
Ann Svenson DC Masters
Julie Roddin Fairfax County Masters
Marcie Kanakis Fairfax County Masters
Billy McDonald Machine Aquatics
Bret Bailey MASH
Jeff Roddin Ancient Mariners
Peter Lee National Capital YMCA
Tim Timmons Patriot Masters
Michelle Moyer Reston Masters
Cheryl Wagner Terrapin Masters
Debbie Morrin-Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Eric Nordlund Terrapin Masters
Mollie Grover Terrapin Masters
Jeff Strahota Terrapin Masters

Jeff, Allyson & fellow Hot Tub Team member
Team Hot Tub
Allyson Adams talked with me briefly at the Sprint Classic Meet about "Team Hot Tub". It is a loosely organized group of individuals who met through the USMS website. They are from all parts of the country and designed a t-shirt for their group which has resulted in many friendships. Whenever possible, they get together at meets and have dinner.

Berlin Swim Meet - March 5-7, 2010

SSC Berlin-Reinickendorf e.V.
and arena
are presenting the
ISM International Swim Meet 2010
Berlin Germany

Final entry date:
24th Feb 2010.

Swim for Life Shatters Fundraising Record
The 18th Annual Maryland Swim for Life Shattered Prior Fundraising Records in the Fight Against HIV/AIDS. This year's swim will occur on: Jul 10, 2010. For more info, check our website: www.swimdcac.org/Home.html
Best - John Pacovich

Jim McDonnell Lake Swim Announcement
Entries open for the 23rd edition of the Jim McDonnell Lake Swims in Lake Audubon, Reston, VA. The event will take place over the Memorial Day weekend with an open water clinic and practice swim on Saturday, May 29 and 1- and 2-mile races on Sunday, May 30. Online entries are available through Club Assistant. Check out the event web site at restonmasters.org/JMLS/ for links to online entries and to download the paper entry form.

For 2010, the Jim McDonnell Lake Swims have joined the inaugural H2Open Series, a U.S. Masters Swimming national series of open water events. Other events in the series are the Lake Berryessa swims in California (June 5), Big Shoulders swims in Chicago (September 5), and the Tropical Splash in Sarasota, FL (October 2). Please check the series web pages (www.usms.org/events/h2openseries) for more information as the season progresses.

For lake swim information, contact Lynn Hazlewood, lynhzlwd@usms.org , 703-786-7292.

Bud Beatty Swim to be held on Aug 8, 2010
Hello all. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have set up a website for the swim in August. Please add it to your favorites and stay tuned for further news. www.budbeattyswim.org

We also have our Myspace website. www.myspace.com/budbeattyswim

You can also join us on Facebook under THE ANNUAL BUD BEATTY SWIM group.

Next year's 2 mile event will take place:
Sunday August 10, 2009
9:00 AM Start
Rocky Point Beach (Baltimore County)

Please put it on your calendar and spread the word. If you would like to volunteer for a particular task let me know. ie; publicity, fundraising, support coordination (boat / kayak / USCG).

Our registration website is now active. http://pancan.kintera.org/beattyswim. Even if you don't swim you can donate securely online or sponsor someone else.

Have a great day! Tim Beatty, organizer, dolphinbrew@hotmail.com

Swim Across America Coming to Baltimore - Summer, 2010
SAA is a non-profit foundation committed to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming-related events. SAA hosts more than a dozen open water swims across the U.S. each year and has raised more than $25 million for cancer research in their two-decade history. This event honors those who have died and those struggling with cancer and celebrates the impact of the funds raised by the participants. To learn about SAA see www.swimacrossamerica.org .


DCRP Coaches Needed
interested in joining the coaching rotation. Practices are Tuesday and Thursday 7:00pm to 8:30pm and Saturday 10:00am to 11:30am at Wilson High School Aquatic Center (DC) during the indoor season. If interested please contact Juliette deSousa at juliette.desousa@gmail.com for more information and details.

Strengthen Your Core
USMS Coach, Tom Denes, offers on-on-one and small group strength training. Emphasis is on strengthening the core muscles to increase swimming power. All sessions are held at Rockville Fitness. Contact Tom at: waterprfch@aol.com or 301-564-4234.

Waterproof Coach & Triathlete
Waterproof Coach
The Waterproof Coach & The Waterproof Triathlete
Tom Denes,


Sport Fair
Proper swim equipment is vital to a successful swimming outcome. SPORT FAIR, an Arlington based swim store specializes in competitive swimwear and equipment. We are one of the largest Speedo dealerships in the country.

SPORT FAIR wants to help you achieve success. Please call me to arrange team discounts for your masters team or open water swim program.

Margaret, Director, Masters & Open Water Swimming
5121 Lee Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22207
Fax: 703-524-9500
Email: sales@sportfairusa.com

Team in Training Program
Need some inspiration to get started training this season? Complete your next event for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training (TNT) program and your personal achievement will make a difference in the lives of thousands of others. As part of the Team, you'll receive expert coaching, a team to train with and you'll raise money to fund cutting-edge cancer research and patient support programs. We are currently forming teams to participate in The Nation's Triathlon (sold out to general public), Accenture Chicago Triathlon, Marine Corps Marathon (sold out to general public), Rock n Roll Half Marathon, Nike Women's Marathon (sold out to general public), and Sea Gull Century Ride. For more information, please call 703 960-1100 or visit www.teamintraining.org/nca

Kristen Avioli
Campaign Coordinator, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
National Capital Area Chapter
Team In Training
5845 Richmond Highway, Suite 800
Alexandria, VA 22303
703.960.1100 x252 (f) 703.960.5374
www.lls.org/nca www.teamintraining.org/nca

Coach Needed - DCAC
District of Columbia Aquatics Club (DCAC) seeks a dynamic, knowledgeable, experienced coach to supervise, manage and facilitate weekly practice, as well as occasional meets.

The team is Washington's high energy Masters swimming team and social club for gays, lesbians and friends of the gay and lesbian community. Swimmers of all levels - fast, slow, and everywhere in between - are welcome. Our members include FINA Masters World Record holders, several individual and relay All-Americans an d USMS individual and relay Top Ten swimmers, as well as first-time competitors. DCAC is a member of both United States Masters Swimming (USMS) and International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA).

Conduct swim team practices (team works out 5 - 6 times per week) in a safe, friendly, and competitive environment.
Provide on-deck instruction at team-focus swimming meets.
Promote swim team participation.
Work with team board and other members of the coaching staff to provide new and challenging workouts.
Prevent accidents and eliminate or minimize hazardous situations.
Respond regularly and promptly to work.
Perform related duties as required.

Minimum of 3 years experience coaching competitive swim teams. Previous experience in some phase of competitive swimming.

Some travel may be requested.
Open mindedness, patience, and a sense of humor.

Please send list of qualifications to the attention of Dave Coray at cocaptain@swimdcac.org .

DC Aquatics Club
PO Box 77125 Washington DC 20013

PV Newsletter Editor Wanted
Do you enjoy writing and sports reporting?
You could be the next Potomac Valley Newsletter Editor for the Swimmer's Ear.

Contact Cheryl Wagner if you are interested: cherylw@crosslink.net.

 Photo Credits

All photos by Cheryl Wagner except:
Beth Eldridge - FINA Aquatics World
Roddin-Oplinger Wedding - Jeff Roddin
Deb Morrin & Cheryl Ward - Deb Morrin-Nordlund
PV Swimmers of the Year - Deb Morrin-Nordlund
Frank Murphy Awards - Deb Morrin-Nordlund
Swim in the New Year (some) & Ocean City Swim - Allyson Adams
Terrapin Cup - Jim Nealis
Jim McDonnell Swim - Gordon Grayson

 Events Calendar


  2010 Pool Event Calendar

Jan 1-31
USMS 1-Hour Postal Swim Championship www.usms.org/longdist/ldnats10

Jan 23
Clay Britt Swim Clinic; 4:30P-7:30P www.claybrittswimming.com

Jan 31
Tropical Splash at George Washington Recreation Center, Alexandria, VA www.alexandriamasters.com

Feb 13-14
VMST Winter Meet at NOVA in Richmond, VA www.vaswim.org

Feb 13
Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series: Severna Park www.mdusms.org

Mar 6-7
33th Anniversary Winter Meet at UMBC www.mdusms.org

Mar 6
Clay Britt Swim Clinic; 4:30P-7:30P www.claybrittswimming.com

Mar 20
Albatross Open at MAC, Bethesda, MD; www.ancientmariners.org

Mar 28
Maryland LMSC Championships at Loyola College www.mdusms.org

Apr 10
Clay Britt Swim Clinic; 4:30P-7:30P www.claybrittswimming.com

Apr 15-18
YMCA Nationals - Fort Lauderdale, FL www.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2010Masters.htm

April 23-25
Colonies Zone SCY Championships at George Mason University, Fairfax, VA www.patriotmasters.org

May 20-23
2010 USMS Short Course National Championships - Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA www.usms.org

Jun 19:
Clay Britt Swim Clinic; 4:30P-7:30P www.claybrittswimming.com

Jul 27 - Aug 7
XIII FINA World Championships Goteborg, Boras & Moindai, Sweden www.2010finamasters.org

Aug 9-12
2010 USMS Long Course Nationals - San Juan, Puerto Rico www.usms.org


2010 Long Distance/Open Water Calendar

May 29-30
Jim McDonnell 1 & 2 mile lake swims & open water clinic - Reston, VA; www.restonmasters.org

May 29
Great Hudson River Swim - New York NY; www.nycswim.org

May 30
Beach-to-Beach Power Swim - St. John, US Virgin Islands; www.friendsvinp.org/swim

Jun 5
7.5 Mile Potomac River Swim, Point Lookout, MD; www.potomacriverswim.com

Jun 12
28.5 mile Manhattan Island Marathon Swim New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Jun 13
Great Chesapeake Bay Swim and Chesapeake Challenge Sandy Point MD; www.lin-mark.com

Jun 19
Park to Park Swim 2.0 Mile New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Jun 19
Against the Tide 1 Mile Swim-2 Mile Kayak-3 Mile Walk; Hopkinton, MA; mbcc.org/swim

Jun 19
Flowers One Mile Sea Swim - Grand Cayman Island (British West Indies) www.flowersseaswim.com

Jun 25
Liberty Island Swim 1.2K swim New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Jul 10
USMS 2010 2 Mile Open Water Championships - Charlottesville, VA; www.usms.org

Jul 10
Swim for Life; Chestertown, MD www.swimdcac.org/Home.html

Jul 10
Aquathlon: Stars & Strips 1.5K swim/Run 5K; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Jul 10
Riverside Park Tune Up Swim; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Jul 24
Kingdom Swim (10 mi, 3 mi, 1 mi) - Lake Memphremagog, Newport, VT; www.kingdomswim.org

Jul 31
New York 10K Pro Swim; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Aug 1
Governors Island Swim; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org

Aug 8
Third Annual Bud Beatty Swim INFO: Tim Beatty dolphinbrew@hotmail.com

Aug 14
Boston Light Swim - 8 miles - Boston MA - www.bostonlightswim.org

Aug 15
Pennock Island Challenge 8 miles Ketchikan Alaska; www.alaskateamada.com

Aug 21
Against the Tide Swim; Brewster, MA; http://mbcc.org/swim

Aug 21
Clean Harbor Swim Gloucester MA ; home.comcast.net/~clean.harbor.swim/index.htm

Sep 11
Brooklyn Bridge Swim 1 K New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Sep 25
Little Red Lighthouse Swim 5.85 Miles New York NY; www.nycswim.org

Sep 25
Chesapeakeman Aqua Velo 2.4 mi swim & 112 mi bike; Cambridge, MD www.tricolumbia.org

Oct 16
Ederle Swim 17.5 Mile Swim; New York, NY; www.nycswim.org