Long Distance Open Water Training

by Cheryl Wagner

Every New Year, looking forward to the next open water season, I ask myself the same question: How should I train? I’ve tried a number of approaches but decided to ask some fast swimmers who completed the Wye Island Swim (14 statute miles) on May 22 last year how they trained, what they ate and drank during the swim, and how they felt and performed during the swim. Craig Dewing was the first solo swimmer in a time of 4:53;Maureen Rohrs was third solo in 6:09; and Nick Olmos-Lau was fourth solo (first non-wetsuit) in 6:49. Here are their answers:

How did you train for the Wye Swim?

What did you eat and drink during the swim?

How did you feel during the swim?

Any special notes?

  • 1) Steve Tarpinian who gives Swimpower Clinics, was a great refresher on how to swim distance freestyle. His web site is http://www.swimpower.com and he can be emailed at Tttalk@aol.com.

    2) Fitness Swimmer, June/July 1997 issue, page 26, "Current Commando" by Ken McAlpine. The article is about John Flanagan and his ten points to remember about open water swimming. HE IS THE MAN for open water swimming!

    1. Chuck Wiley, who was the 25K USS Open Water Champion and USS Open Water web master. I have e-mailed him several times about training for open water. He has set up an Open Water Discussion Forum at http://www.usswim.org and can be e-mailed at cawiley@instanton.com.



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